About Me

Whether it’s taking a shot at a new style, or finding hidden or epic locations, I’m always up for new challenges. Anything for art, anything for adventure. When I’m not a photographer, I’m a filmmaker. I’ve written and directed several short films, and seen more movies than I care to advertise. I love movies.

So here’s a timeline of photography in my life:

2011 - Got my first camera, took it everywhere and started shooting short films.

2013 - Became a winner of Canon and Ron Howard’s Project Imaginat10n and flew to New York for the event.

2014 - Lived and shot in Los Angeles over the Summer.

2015 - Upgraded to Canon 5DmkIII and got a spiffy new website.

Shoot me a message if you’d like to book a shoot, inquire about rates, or if you just want to ask me anything.

God bless,

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