Bennett Place

So this past April I got to do something pretty cool. Some backstory: In April of 1865, the North and South officially decided to end the Civil War. The place they chose to sign the documents happened to be a great midway point between the warring factions: The Bennett Place. For those of you that don't know, my middle name is Bennett, after my Grandmother's maiden name. Yep, I'm a descendant of the family that owned the property where the surrender was signed. So my dad and I drove up to Durham, North Carolina where the Place is located for the 150th Anniversary of the surrender, and we were blown away at just how all-out they went. There were hundreds of Civil War re-enactors, all doing their part to bring back the memory of that fateful day a century and a half ago. It was incredible. While the house had burned down in the mid 1900's, it was rebuilt with as much accuracy as possible. The chimney is the only original part of the Bennett Place that remains. I took a lot of photos, of course. I even made some new friends, and met some long lost cousins! It was a pretty great experience, and one I won't soon forget.
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