Project Imaginat10n

This picture was a fluke. I was still quite new at photography when I took it.
I was in Jacksonville for my cousin’s graduation in 2012, and found this baseball laying in a field.
This picture I took of it would go on to change my life.

That year, I learned of a photo competition launched by Canon and Ron Howard.
Out of some 17,000 photos, 91 would be selected to inspire short films directed by
celebrities such as Jamie Foxx and Eva Longoria.

By some miracle, this picture was one of them.

The following year, me and my best friend Billy flew to New York for the event
at the Lincoln Center. It was the best night of my life. They treated us like royalty,
with servers walking around handing us pretentious, rich-people food (caviar is vastly overrated).
It was great meeting the other winners, who were all wonderful people. I even got to meet some
good friends of the Wild Ones. Celebrities such as Bryce Dallas Howard, Alicia Keys, and Harvey Weinstein were there.

It was almost surreal seeing the photos being brought to life on the screen, and
although mine wasn’t used for any of the short films, attending that event will always be one of my favorite memories.

P.S. - Project Imagination recently held another competition, this time for trailers.
I didn’t submit, but you should go check it out nonetheless.
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