The Wild Ones Workshop

In the Fall of 2013, a group of three absurdly talented conceptual photographers
took a road trip across the US hosting workshops under the name of “The Wild Ones.”
One of these photographers was Joel Robison, who was one of my first and biggest
inspirations as a photographer. He happened to remember me from a brief
back-and-forth we’d had on Facebook a year prior, and let me attend the workshop.
I swear, these three photographers were some of the kindest people I’d ever met.

The day was hot and humid, but it was impossible to bring the group down.
Everyone was so excited to be hanging out with and becoming a part of the Wild Ones.
I met several extremely talented Floridian photographers, a few of whom I still keep in touch with.

We were all tasked with creating a picture that day, and this one’s mine.
I’ve never been all that great at Photoshop, which is why you don’t see much
photo-manipulation work in my portfolio, but this was my first attempt.
Well, my attempt failed, so what you see here was achieved with the
help of my friend Kelly, who now works as a SFX makeup artist in LA.

Check out the Wild Ones:
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