The other day I was feeling down, a condition I usually remedy by going outside.
I hadn’t been to one of my favorite spots in months, and I’d been meaning to do a shoot with my good friend Shannon.
So we went and had a great time, and I took some of my best photos yet. Seriously, these photos make me extremely happy.
I haven’t done a shoot this vibrant before. I know a good amount of my photos can be rather bleak, but I just fell in love with this color scheme. It’s so happy!
The location was gorgeous as always, and the more we wandered around the more new things we tried.
Shannon had never modeled before, but she was an absolute natural. Turns out she wanted to get into photography when she was young, so I handed the camera over and she took some pretty great photos of me!
Photography really can be therapeutic. When you’re with good people making art you’re proud of, there’s nothing that can bring you down.

All in all, a great day.

God bless,


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It’s always great meeting someone who is no-nonsense when it comes to scheduling. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met someone who’s interested in shooting, but is so unsure of their schedule that we never end up shooting. But this time it was as simple as, “Can you do Thursday at 5?” “Yep.” “Awesome, see you then.”

This is Olivia.

This shoot was particularly interesting, because Olivia and I are from two completely different sides of photography. You all know my style. It’s a little more mysterious, with the models in gentle poses. Olivia comes from a studio modeling background, which is completely different from my style. Very fierce and assertive.

So, honestly, it was pretty strange at first. I didn’t quiet know how to direct her, so it took a bit for us to adapt to each other’s wavelengths. But once we did the shoot went great. The park was gorgeous. The weather was gorgeous. The light was gorgeous. And the result was some of my very favorite shots yet.

Check them out on my Flickr:

Check out Olivia’s modeling page:

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It Begins, pt. 2

It Begins, pt. 2

Hello, everyone!

So, if you’ve known me at all through my photography, you’ll know that I often say, “I’ll post updates soon!” or “Big announcements on the way” or things along those lines, then they never happen. Or they happen way later. My apologies. My life’s a baseball game and the pitcher keeps throwing curveballs*.

I’ve held off making an official announcement of my website until now, partially because I’ve been trying to come up with a banner for the portfolio pages, and partially because work and moving into a new place. But I decided to go ahead and just finally tell the world.

So the big announcement was that I upgraded my camera body and got a spiffy new website, but that actually happened a while ago.

The OTHER big announcement was that I went to Los Angeles again and shot with the incredibly talented Katie Johnson. You may recognize her from the first photo on my site’s home page. I love shooting with her, because she’s always ready for adventure. This time we went to one of my very favorite locations, scaled down a steep narrow incline, and managed to get some pretty great shots in our limited time frame. I’d love to go back, since we only had an hour of light and the overcast was pretty intense (which is strange for LA).

Afterwards, we celebrated with some wonderful sushi.

Here are my favorites, but you can check out the whole shoot on my Flickr:

Follow Katie on:

Twitter: @katiejhnsn
Instagram: @katie_jhnsn
Facebook: /KatieJohnsonActress

God bless,


*Full disclosure: I do not play baseball, and am terrible at all sports.




It Begins.

Welcome, everyone!

Your host, J.W. Hendricks here.

As you see here, I’ve got a pretty slick website now!
You have no idea how excited I am for this.
This site was created by my good friend Billie Guertin.
If you like what you see and you want to get in contact with her,
send me an email and I’ll get you her contact info. She’s great.

Anyways, I’ll get right to it. Here’s how things are going to work.
This here’s my blog, where I’ll post updates, shoots,
journal entries, advice columns, and stories.
I’ll only post my favorite pictures from shoots here,
but if you want to see shoots in their entirety, you can check
out my Flickr (there’s a nifty link on the front page).
If you'd like to get email updates whenever I make a new blog post,
just sign up for the mailing list and you'll be notified.

If you every have anything you’d like to say or ask,
shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to respond.
Same if you’d like to book a shoot or ask about rates.

So, to all my continuous supporters, thank you. To any newcomers, welcome!

Here’s to a long, prosperous journey full of adventure and creativity.

God bless,

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