The other day I was feeling down, a condition I usually remedy by going outside.
I hadn’t been to one of my favorite spots in months, and I’d been meaning to do a shoot with my good friend Shannon.
So we went and had a great time, and I took some of my best photos yet. Seriously, these photos make me extremely happy.
I haven’t done a shoot this vibrant before. I know a good amount of my photos can be rather bleak, but I just fell in love with this color scheme. It’s so happy!
The location was gorgeous as always, and the more we wandered around the more new things we tried.
Shannon had never modeled before, but she was an absolute natural. Turns out she wanted to get into photography when she was young, so I handed the camera over and she took some pretty great photos of me!
Photography really can be therapeutic. When you’re with good people making art you’re proud of, there’s nothing that can bring you down.

All in all, a great day.

God bless,


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