It’s always great meeting someone who is no-nonsense when it comes to scheduling. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met someone who’s interested in shooting, but is so unsure of their schedule that we never end up shooting. But this time it was as simple as, “Can you do Thursday at 5?” “Yep.” “Awesome, see you then.”

This is Olivia.

This shoot was particularly interesting, because Olivia and I are from two completely different sides of photography. You all know my style. It’s a little more mysterious, with the models in gentle poses. Olivia comes from a studio modeling background, which is completely different from my style. Very fierce and assertive.

So, honestly, it was pretty strange at first. I didn’t quiet know how to direct her, so it took a bit for us to adapt to each other’s wavelengths. But once we did the shoot went great. The park was gorgeous. The weather was gorgeous. The light was gorgeous. And the result was some of my very favorite shots yet.

Check them out on my Flickr:

Check out Olivia’s modeling page:

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